What Is Back Ground Verification & why it is critical

BGV has been a critical process and requirement for ages and a must for all kind of employment. Organisations follow their practices to conduct the same. Even in individual capacity when a house maid or servant is employed we conduct the same. But the article is focussing on BGV specially for IT Employees and why this has been so critical in this Pandemic and post pandemic era

Common Threats arising of new Normal process:

Based on the fact that in person interview has been put off for quite some time and we are forced to go for Web based talent acquisition and also deploying many work through outsourced resources it is of paramount importance a thorough due diligence done before offers rolled out. For organisations which use the out sourced resources for the critical system admin work or work related to SAP Basis management or Master data creation this becomes even more critical

in many cases we hire an organisation to perform these duties and many a time these resources are of temporary nature. BGV is a costly affair and needs certain investment and therefore many of us tend to put off the expense . In Indian parlance the understanding of Privacy is not well drilled in our partners mind and therefore in the process the risk increases.

A few common BGV checklists are recommended below to mitigate such risk

  1. Identity check and verification :
    1. Traditional method of checking the identity by connecting with the known reference ,certificates,Govt IDs provide Level 1 security .
    2. verification of the digital footprint of the person through social networking /social engineering is required to understand the mindset
    3. cross verification of photos with different Govt Records is necessary to ascertain the genuine candidate
    4. cross question the candidate by different panel member and asking same question in different style helps to find out if some information is being hidden

The BGV is very specific to industry and organisation.There is no fit for all solution . But the awareness of employer for a suitable BGV Test based on the job profile in our IT Organisation and the credential allowed to handle is an important step and must be followed.