Manufacturing Sector in India is poised for a phenomenal growth.Post the COVID experience the world has seen the strength of Indian Manufacturing sector . The way the COVID testing lit,Covid Vaccines has come up and also the handling of Post Covid issues have been lauded and appreciated worldwide. Also currently the World has a tendency to move many of the Industries out of China and Indian Manufacturing shall have to make a all out effort to grab the opportunities.

the time is now ripe enough that we explore as much as possible the new age technology and embed them in our day to day manufacturing skill so that Indian hardworking work force can get the better technology help

Integrated Command Control Centre is a right step towards this direction. For large organisation who have plants in different geographical location has faced challenges in accessing several equipment in different plants and felt a need to integrate them from a central location

Using technology like Video Analytics and AI driven image processing we can reduce the gap and create alert for central monitoring and also with a suitable Video Wall created in a metro city IT Fraternity can help Senior Management to take a direct look at the process

the Project needs to be taken up in two different phases. May be in the first phase we can connect all cameras located in different locations,add different sensors to capture incidents and develop a Video Analytics and the same platform can be used in phase 2 in creating a connection with machines ,PLC,SCADA to directly control the parameters of the project

Integrated Command and Control Centre may have a large unit near plants and a scale down version in a Head Office with parameters and video footage what seems important to management

While there are numerous vendors who can support in bits and pieces selecting a consultant to stich the same and deliver a overall solution is a better approach.