over some past 30 years of my association with industry I have seen that there is lot of misconception and myth around usage of technology and use the same for benefit of business. This site I have created  for clearing many of the doubts of user community and simplifying IT & Automation usages so that all business be it small or big can be beneficiary to new technologies.

I have a feeling that if a problem occurs in any business as far as possible we should first simplify  the same in small parts and then try to see the fundamental reason ( often technically called as Root Cause Analysis) of the problem and then apply the technology best fitted for the same. Also while doing this solution we should not limit ourselves to the knowledge and skill set available with us and rather we shall try to garner support from all possible resources and get all heads together to resolve the issue.

but it is easier said than done. as quite often looking for the root cause needs real Sherlock homes of industry and apply all parallel thinking or out of the box thinking.But it is still worth as the joy and enthusiasm we get post resolving the issue does a big motivation to look for the next issue

While for many problems there are easy available solutions but for some the solutions may require collective effort. The purpose of this blog is that we all shall post lot of issues and shall encourage all of us to find out solutions collectively and thereby to create a community which will benefit from these knowledge documents.

Although we can technically discuss all problems but in the beginning we may restrict our issues to  two critical area of business like Sales-Despatch & Manufacturing cycle.

I shall also add some past experiences and issue resolution stories which may also be helpful to some of the readers. May be I can add on some standard presentation  material which can be of some use

Let’s Begin.